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What is Aesthetic Surgery?

Aesthetics is not only for beautification.


The number of people having aesthetic operations has increased in recent years. In the eyes of people, aesthetic operations are thought to be for luxury and beautification. For most people, it is not necessary. Any organ of the body can develop problems due to age or illness. Patients come to the hospital to fix it. The skin is an organ and in fact the largest of organs. As a result of a skin disorder, the aesthetics of the body and face deteriorate. Correcting these problems is not only about aesthetics. Ergonomics, cleanliness and mobility of the body are also impaired. Muscle pains start to occur. Let us illustrate what I am saying. For example, breast reduction is a necessity for women. The breast grows due to pregnancy, weight gain, etc., creating a constant weight on the front part of the body. Neck flattening causes shoulder pains, diaper rash under the breast. The operation performed by plastic surgery is also aimed at correcting this problem. It is to repair the damaged organ, just like doctors in other branches do. Only the result of our work is measured by aesthetics. To give another example, people who come to the outpatient clinic with droopy eyelids can almost keep their eyes open by lifting their heads up or lifting their foreheads and eyebrows up. This is a very tiring situation. A person with a prolapsed abdomen has great difficulty in cleaning the lower region and going to the toilet. Patients with fat in the inner region of the legs may develop wounds in those areas as their legs rub against each other during sports. These patients start to avoid doing sports and this situation progresses in a vicious circle. So far, I haven’t even touched on the psychological aspect of it or the patient’s inability to find a dress that suits her. Another example is rhinoplasty. If the patient has a beautiful nose, he breathes well. You cannot breathe well through a crooked nose with a hump. Good breathing is essential for good sleep. If these patients do not have rhinoplasty, they come to the hospital with complaints such as snoring and soft palate descent in the future. The body is a whole. When one organ starts to suffer, other organs are affected. Plastic surgery operations are not only a luxury but also a necessity.


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