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Eyelid Aesthetics




Upper eyelid aesthetics: After the patient’s skin excision (removal), the eye bags are removed if necessary. Eye bags herniate outward after the membrane called septum weakens behind the muscle. It gives your eyelids a swollen look. If there is hypertrophy in the muscle structure, these parts are removed. If there is no excess, the muscle structure is sutured on top of each other and muscle-sparing surgery is performed. For our patients who have problems lifting the eyelid, the muscle structure that lifts the eye in the most posterior structure of the eye is repaired. By sewing this muscle to the eyelid skeleton (tars), the eye opening movement is sufficiently provided.

Lower eyelid aesthetics: It can be performed through the eyelid or through an incision under the eyelashes. Patients with excess skin are more suitable for an incision under the eyelashes. At the same time, under-eye fat bags are transferred to the under-eye groove to reduce the hollowness under the eyes. For patients who suffer only from eye bags, the bags are removed by entering through the lid.

If necessary, the midface can be lifted upwards with these operations.

TYPE OF ANESTHESIA: General, Local anesthesia


  • A tired and aged expression due to upper eyelid drooping
  • Lower eyelid bagging
  • Excessive visibility of the white part inside the eye
  • Pain in the eyes due to heaviness in the eyes due to sagging of the upper eyelid and pain in the eye after the upper eyelid skin overlaps the eyelashes. Bu yığılmayı gidermek için hastanın alnını yukarı doğru çekmesi ve alın kırışıklıkların artması
  • It causes people with bags under the eyes to look tired and sleepless. Removal of dark circles under the eyes

HOSPITALIZATION PERIOD: Our patients who undergo upper eyelid surgery can return home on the same day. Patients undergoing upper and lower eyelid surgery stay in the hospital for 1 day as general anesthesia will be performed.


  • Desk work is not recommended for 1-2 days and bending forward is not recommended for 1 week.
  • After 2 days you can take a bath.
  • We do not expect excessive edema and bruising.
  • Returning to daily activities and self-support can be done on the same day
  • The upper eyelid takes 45 minutes and the lower upper eyelid takes 2.5 hours.


  • The scars are very difficult to notice as they are located in the upper eyelid fold and under the lower eyelid eyelashes.
  • Blood thinners should be stopped 3 hours before the operation.
  • Under-eye bruising may occur after the upper eyelid. Edema and swelling on the face of patients with lower eyelid aesthetics last longer.
  • After these procedures, the white part of the eye (sclera) may temporarily become more visible. If necessary, the patient can use artificial tears for dry eyes.