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Botox Fat Filling Filling Non-Surgical Aesthetics What is Aesthetic Surgery?

What You Don’t Know About Fillers and Botox



Fillers and botox are the most common non-surgical aesthetic procedures. These processes look very easy but are actually very dangerous. It has now started to be an under-stairs procedure in hairdressers, aesthetic salons, people who travel as mobile or people who are not doctors at home. Patients are often victimized by these procedures. As difficult as it is to create a beautiful building, it is much more difficult to fix an area that has been badly built and deconstructed by someone else. Sometimes it is impossible.

First, let’s consider fillers and botox as materials. Recently, there have been people knocking on our door saying “I have cheap botox and fillers in my hands”, which are supplied from China, Iran or Azerbaijan. They are not original goods and they are one third of the price of the original goods that we get from the main warehouse, and these guys are making a very good profit from these goods. The main medical warehouse sells with 15 percent profit. The effect of fake botox lasts only 1-2 months. In the latest news, there was a patient who died from botox. We saw fake botox being used. Botox comes to us as an empty bottle. We dilute this vial with serum and inject it into the patient. One Botox is never enough for 3-4 people. Most of the time it is not even enough for 2 patients. But botox made under the stairs is used even for 4-5 people. This one is innocent again. Those who use fake materials are worse, after all, you are doing this to people and you have a responsibility. Counterfeit material can have undesirable effects on the body and cause very bad consequences. For example, fillings are very dangerous materials. Even the highest quality fillers can cause regional stratification in the body, while slightly cheaper fillers cause a reaction in the body and cause edema and excessive stiffness. Fake fillings form granulomas directly under the skin. A granuloma is a growing mass that the body overreacts to foreign material and needs to be surgically removed. I don’t say anything about poorly made fillings anymore, I can’t. I’m saying, “The hand is out of tune, it happened, I’ll be corrected.” But a poor quality or fake filling is irreversible. To fix it, that area must be removed. The area becomes dimpled, the skin color becomes redder and more sensitive.

Even with well-performed fillings, there may be bleeding under the skin, bruising, asymmetry, or excessive prominence of that area due to swelling. These problems are temporary or can be fixed. The worst complication is getting into the vein during filling. The area fed by that vessel will necrosis and may die. Considering that fillers are usually applied to the face, such a complication is catastrophic. If the filling gets into the vein, there will be a lot of pain in the area fed by the vein. It looks like gangrene pain. The tissues cry out to the body for oxygen. Immediately, the filling should be dissolved, hot compresses applied, nitrate pomades applied and the patient should undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is a very urgent procedure. I’m scared of filling. Because I can reverse the surgical procedure. But in a complex organism like a human being, such a complication may occur due to vascular variation. Even if I do all kinds of treatments, the area may be necrosed or permanently damaged. It is disastrous for me that a small transaction can have such a bad outcome.

When having fillers and botox, have the material to be made opened with you. See how much of the material is made. Ask for FDA, CE, health ministry approval. Look at the brand of the material and search for this brand on the internet. Ask if there is any material that dissolves the filling. Don’t think of it as a small operation

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