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Face and Neck Lift



With age, sagging, tiny and large wrinkles occur due to the decrease in collagen on the face and loss of elasticity in the skin. Tiny wrinkles are wrinkles caused by muscle movements in the genes. These pass by paralyzing the muscles with Botox. Examples include crow’s feet, wrinkles between the eyebrows and wrinkles on the forehead. Sagging on the sides of the nose, lips, cheeks, jowl and sides of the face, especially on the lower part of the face, is caused by the loss of volume in the face and the deterioration of the elasticity structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissues and sagging. It is necessary to both replace the volume and stretch the skin when necessary. Sagging cannot be corrected in any other way. The stretching process starts with an incision through the hair and there is an incision scar that turns around the ear and ends through the hair behind the ear. The stretched tissue is not the skin but the structure we call the smas layer under the skin. When the load on the skin is high, the scars are noticeable. The face is not raised high enough. Under the skin, by stretching the smas fascia above the muscle, the neck and lower face are stretched and the structures here are moved to where they should be. The skin only covers it. Stitches 10. taken daily. Swelling on the face goes down in 1.5 months. The patient spends 3 days with bandages, the bandage is removed and the patient’s hair is washed and allowed to return to normal life. The patient becomes about 8-10 years younger. This is a permanent procedure, but the face will continue to age over time. Although it is not as deformed as before, extra procedures can be performed on the face over time. These procedures can include fat filling, classical fillers, botox, prp, mini lift surgeries if necessary in a longer period of time. The ideal patient type for this operation is people whose face is not chubby and who have excessive sagging around the lips and chin. The hospital stay is 1 or 2 days. Your two tiny drains are removed the next day. The patient does not experience much pain. In this operation, the asymmetry on the face is reduced, but not all of it may be eliminated. You can return to normal life between 15 days and 1 month. There is a scar around the ear that is not easily noticeable. this mark is permanent. It is easily made invisible with concealers. There are some risks in surgery. These include bleeding, facial asymmetry, hair and skin loss, facial nerve paralysis. In order to prevent these from occurring, glasses with 3-fold magnification are used and symmetry is taken very carefully during the operation. Additional procedures such as neck liposuction, eyebrow lifting, fat injection to the chin can be performed to the facelift operation. It is a very satisfying operation.